Our curriculum contains two components. The first is the Creative Curriculum®.  This research-based curriculum focuses on the following areas of child development:

  • Cognitive
  • Social & Emotional
  • Physical (Small motor and Large motor)
  • Language/Literacy

The Creative Curriculum® provides a "hands on" approach to learning where the children explore and learn in small and large group settings, as well as individually.

The second component of our curriculum is an integration of the Illinois Early Childhood Learning Standards that were created by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).  The standards have developmental milestones that focus on literacy, math, science, and social development.  The combination of these two curricula ensures the children will cover all of the necessary readiness standards for learning.

Our classroom staff to child ratios are as follows: Infants (1:4); Toddlers (1:5), Preschool (1:9), Pre-kindergarten (1:9), and Kindergarten (1:12). Our classroom environments provide a home-like setting where the children can feel comfortable and safe, which aids in their learning process.



Our program provides a literacy-rich environment. Our teachers read to the children throughout the day and there are materials that the children can use to incorporate literacy during their play.  In Preschool, the children start off scribbling and or drawing letters and shapes.  However, by the time they are ready  for  Kindergarten, they are well on their way to effectively communicating through print. 

In the Pre-Kindergarten  and Kindergarten classrooms, phonics and and sight words are introduced while letter and print are incorporated at various levels. Spanish verbs and adjectives are also introduced and incorporated into the weekly curriculum, along with music, movement and dance,  and gymnastics.