The Creative Curriculum®


The cognitive component of our curriculum encourages the development of reasoning, memory, and problem-solving solving skills. Children leverage these abilities to create an understanding of their world. Creating learning opportunities during our early childhood curriculum creates a foundation to enable success during preschool and elementary school.


Our physical curriculum enables a child to engage and interact with their physical environment. During infancy we focus on supporting essential large motor skills including rolling, sitting, and picking up objects. As children develop our curriculum integrates fine motor skills to enable activities of daily living including eating, writing, and tying shoelaces. Helping children achieve key motor milestones sets up our children for success as they grow.

Language and Literacy

Language and literacy development begins during the earliest phases of our curriculum. Children initially develop oral communication skills and then move on to recognizing letters, spelling, singing, and writing. Fostering strong oral and written communication skills sets our children up for success regardless of their setting.

Social and Emotional

The ABC Toon Town staff strives to create a safe and comfortable environment for all of our children to enable appropriate social and emotion development. The initial phases of social and emotional development include recognizing feeling and developing a peronal understanding. As children progress through our curriculum they begin to understand the feelings of others and develop meaningful relationships with their peers.

The Illinois Early Childhood Learning Standards

These standards were created by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to ensure children are ready to succeed in elementary school.  The standards include developmental milestones that focus on literacy, math, science, and social development. In combination with the Creative Curriculum® we strive to to have each child meet or exceed these standards and develop essential lifelong learning skills.